Masculinity comes in many flavors

A heart-warming tale of alpha males facing a precipitous slide—for beta or for worse. Woody Steele is one of the richest men on the planet. Sadly one of his greatest assets has been recently downsized—sorry Casanova. Ivan Greenbriar, his fellow billionaire nemesis and creep extraordinaire, turns every activity into a pissing contest even when he’s alone. Sargent Scanlon, a hero cop solely on the merits of getting shot in the nuts, doesn’t know what fear is until he must match wits with his odious fourteen-year-old stepdaughter—she’s a crime against humanity. Meanwhile, looking down from above is Colonel Pavlenko, the world’s oldest practicing Stalinist (mutually assured destruction anyone?). This is a real time, real world story about manly men—and their women, women who are ready to break through the glass ceiling, even if they have to use their mate as a battering ram. Sex can be the means to an end, but what happens at the end of the means?



Classic love story:
boy meets girl;
girl meets Zeus;
boy loses girl.

A sophisticated romp racing from Madison Avenue through the production of a play even more cursed than Macbeth to sectarian violence in a Polynesian paradise until thunderbolts rain down from Mt. Olympus itself.


DO THE MATH: a novel of the inevitable

Math professor plus romance novelist equals a marriage of heart and mind. He is writing a theory of inevitability. She reunites lovers who have been separated for decades. Sadly for her, she does that once too often.

Foreword Reviews:...engages readers with a tone of sarcastic amusement that invites them to laugh at the easily sketched foibles of the entire cast. The book's many observations on the formulaic, but also unpredictable, nature of love make it a joy to read.

The US Review of Books: Do The Math is a love story told in such a way that it appeals to men and women, to the naive and the jaded, to algebra whizzes and those with math phobias. Do the Math is in the vein of John Kennedy O'Toole's great A Confederacy of Dunces. It is funny, clever and original in a way that pulls the reader into its farcical, hugely entertaining storyline.

Silver Medal
2009 Independent Publisher
Book Awards
Popular Fiction

Third Prize
2009 Premier Book Awards
General Fiction

National Indie Excellence Awards